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Fluorescent quantitative PCR detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in tissue sections from granulomatous lesions retrieved using EDTA

Check out how our products are helping scientists to detect tuberculosis mycobacteria by retrieving paraffin-embedded tissue sections of inflammatory granulomatous lesions here in the following link:  Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Detection  

Automated analysis of HER2 status in breast cancer patients.

Check out this published article about analysis of HER2 status in breast cancer patients and how automated processes help to decrease variation and errors as well reducing time and labor for laboratory technicians and pathologists showing improvement in cost-effectiveness of the overall method using our products. Read more about at the following link: 

Cancer screening can save your life

Interesting study carried out by Tarbiat Modares University and Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) on Liquid Biopsy using our MagCore® automated system: Assessing the Diagnostic Value of Plasma-Free DNA in Prostate Cancer Screening  “cfDNA can be used as a noninvasive and a promising novel biomarker; therefore, it could be a robust tool for prognosis and diagnosis goals.” Publication at the following Link