For extraction of total RNA from formalin-fixed paraffinembedded (FFPE) tissue by using MagCore® System

MagCore®Total RNA FFPE One-Step Kit is specially designed for total RNA purification from FFPE tissues by MagCore® instruments. It features the method, one-step heating, to melt paraffin without harmful reagents involved such as xylene or other organic solvents, and lyse tissues at the same time. The MagCore® Total RNA FFPE One-Step Kit System optimizes the lysis conditions to reverse the formalin fixation without the need for overnight digestion and retain both large and small RNAs. The program provides optional DNase I treatment to remove contaminated DNA.

Code 605 MagCore® Total RNA FFPE One-Step Kit
1. A full package for total RNA isolation from FFPE tissue samples. It starts from melting paraffin to the final RNA purification.
2. Highly user-friendly protocol with minimal pretreatment required.
3. Sula oil (Deparaffinization solution): no xylene or other organic solvents involved.
4. Thermostable cap is especially designed to cover the reaction well for an optimal condition where lysis buffer and the FFPE samples can mix properly during the long processing period.
5. The total processing time is within approximately 160 mins.

The purified RNA can be directly used for downstream application such as:

1. cDNA synthesis

2. real-time PCR


4. Microarray

5. Next-Generation Sequencing

  • 605-01

    Figure 1. Total RNA was purified from various FFPE rat tissues stored at -80oC for 3 months. RNA yield and quality from one (liver, kidney) 50μm tissue section per sample was determined by Nanodrop n-1000.
  • 605-02

    Figure 2. RNA integrity assessment. Total RNA isolation from rat liver 50μm tissue sections of FFPE tissue blocks were measured on Agilent 2100 bioanalyzer. Isolated RNA from Magcore 605 kit maintains its integrity(18S, 28S peaks) (Q1, Q2: supplier Q; R1, R2: MagCore 605).
  • 605-03

    Comparison of total RNA extraction efficiency by using various FFPE RNA extraction kit suppliers. Total RNA was purified from one rat liver 50μm tissue section of a single FFPE tissue block for each sample. The RNA yield and quality was quantified by Nanodrop n -1000.
  • 605-04

    Figure 4. Analysis of total RNA extracted by MagCore 605 and other kit supplier using gel electrophoresis. Performance of MagCore® automated extraction analyzed on agarose gel electrophoresis; Lane M: RBC 100 bp DNA ladder Marker; Lane 1-2: MagCore 605 FFPE RNA kit. Lane 3: Supplier Z. Lane 4: Supplier Q. Lane 5: Supplier T.
  • 605-05

    Figure 5. Evaluation of RNA performance in RT-PCR. Five amplicons of different length (118, 206, 312, 400, 503, 613 bp amplicon size) of the gene Rpl4 performed using cDNA derived from FFPE rat liver samples purified by various suppliers.
MagCore® Plus II/Super/HF16 Plus
Cartridge Code24 Preps72 PrepsRunning Time
Cat No.Cat No.
605MRF-01MRF-03140 mins (without DNase I treatment)
158 mins (with DNase I treatment)
Components Available for Purchase
ProductCat No.Content
DNase I SetDN036For 36 reactions RNase-Free DNase I (Lyophilized):1500 Kunitz units x 1 vial, 1 ml RNase-Free Water x1, 15 ml DNase I Reaction Buffer
DN096For 96 reactions RNase-Free DNase I (Lyophilized):1500 Kunitz units x 2 vial, 1 ml RNase-Free Water x2, 30 ml DNase I Reaction Buffer